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1. Mas Que Nada / Jorge Ben
   (music arrangement by Cidinho Teixeira/ Vera Mara)
2. Samba de Verão / Marcos Valle / Paulo Sérgio Valle
   (music arrangement by Cidinho Teixeira)
3. Travessia/ Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant
   (music arrangement by Cidinho Teixeira)
4. Sina / Djavan
   (music arrangement by Cidinho Teixeira / Yuko Ito)
5. Batucada Surgiu / Marcos Valle
   (music arrangement by Cidinho Teixeira)
6. Guerrilla ( Eu Nao Sou Nimguem) Takehiko Kogure
   Portugese lyrics by Yuko Ito
   (music arrangement by Cidinho Teixeira / Yuko Ito)
7. Eu Só Quero Um Xodó / Dominguinhos / Anastásia
   (music arrangement by Cidinho Teixeira)
8. O Cantador / Dori Caymmi / Nelson Motta
   (music arrangement by Cidinho Texeira / Vera Mara)
9. Takeda No Komori-uta / Japanese traditional
   (music arrangement by Yuko Ito)
10. Serrado / Djavan
   (music arrangement by Cidinho Teixeira /Mauricio Zottarelli)

Yuko Ito on Vocal
Cidinho Teixira on Piano and Accordion
Gustavo Amarante on Bass #1,4,5,8,10
Mauricio Zottarelli on Drums and Percussion #1,4,5,8,10
Oriente Lopez on Flute #2,3,4,7,8,9
Leco Reis on Bass #2,3,6,7,9
Adriano Santos on Drums #2,3,6,7,9
Edgar DeAlmeida on Guitar #2,6
Aaron Heick on Alto sax #1,5,10

Recorded at Tedesco Studio by
Tom Tedesco Alto sax, Accordion, Vocals recorded,
mixed and mastered at Bass Hit Studio by David Darlington

Special thanks to Cidinho Teixeira, Oriente Lopez,Gustavo Amarante, Mauricio Zottarelli, Leco Reis, Adriano Santos, Aaron Heick, Edgar DeAlmeida, David Darlington, Tom Tedesco, Monique Rodrigues, Vanessa Falabella, Michika Fukumori, Daniel Giel, Igoigo, Mark Von Holden, Toru Yamashita, Takaaki Ito, Nabuko Kiryu, Miki Nakanishi, Hiroshi Kono, Fumiko Ito, Suguru Ikeda,All my family and friends in Japan and U.S!!

R.I.P Shizuko Ito ( my mom) Cecilia B Teixeira ( Cidinho's mom)
"O Cantador"

Cidinho told me that this album is made out of "love" and I totally agree with him. Cidinho and I started this project in the summer of 2013. I went to his house 10 times and it takes almost 2 hours by train to get to his house from my apartment in New York City. He gave me so many great ideas every time that I visited and I learned so much from him. We then booked a recording studio for December 11th. I wanted to finish my recording as soon as possible because my mother was very sick and I wanted her to listen to my new album before she lost consciousness. We worked so hard to accomplish that goal. Then, Cidinho's mother got very sick and he had to go to Brazil. At that point, my mother's condition became so bad that I had to go to Japan and we had to cancel the recording. Unfortunately, neither of our mother's could recover this time. My mother died on January 7th. I came back to New York City on January 22nd and called Cidinho to start this project again and, here you go. We made a beautiful album that is dedicated to my mother Shizuko Ito and Cidinho's mother, Cecilia B. Teixeira.

- Yuko Ito

"I know that nothing in life is fair but I don't ever want to give up. Even if you are trying to take every thing from me, you can not take my heart. I am nobody and I have nothing but I can play guitar and sing"

- Eu Não Sou Ninguém by Yuko Ito

It's a pleasure for me to work with Japanese singer Yuko Ito. She is Japanese and has an enormous Brazilian heart. So she 's singing all Brazilian things. We have maracatu, carlango, baiao you knows. We have afoxe and of course samba. Japanese music adapted by brazilian rhythms that came out marvelous! It's very very beautiful and I'm very happy for all that is happening and I wish her all the success in the world because she deserves it.

- Co producer Cidinho Teixeira