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1. Berimbau 4:17
(Baden Powell / Vinicius De Moraes)

2. Corcovado 4:52
(Antonio Carlos Jobim)

3. Ela e Carioca / Smile 4:47
(A. C. Jobim / Vinicius De Moraes / Charles Chaplin)

4. Garota De Ipanema 3:37
(Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius De Moraes)

5. Magamalabares 3:45
(Carlinhos Brown)

6. Mania De Você 4:56
(Rita Lee / Roberto De Carvalho)

7. Dindi 5:03
(Antonio Carlos Jobim / Aloysio De Oliveira)

8. Qui Nem Jilo 4:31
(Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)

9. Flor De Lis 4:31

10. Agua De Beber 5:44
(Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius De Moraes)

Yuko Ito - Vocal
Itaiguara Brandao - Bass & Guitar
Oriente Lopez - Fender Rhodes & Flute
Cidinho Teixeira - piano
Mauricio Zottarelli - Drums
Café – Percussion
Davi Vieira - Percussion
Aaron Heick - Alto Sax

Recorded at Acoustic Recording Brooklyn, NY
by Michael Brorby
Vocals recorded, mixed and Mastered at Bass Hit Studio NYC
by Dave Darlington
Track 2 vocal recorded at Two Tone studio NYC by Sushi
Photography by Mark Von Holden
Design by Toru Yamashita

Produced by Yuko Ito
All music arranged and produced by Yuko Ito & Itaiguara Brandao with great input from the players,
except tracks 1.2 by Sushi

"Manha De Você"

“Mania De Você” — A Warm Collection of Brazilian Standards Funny Baby Face Records New York, NY – Yuko Ito's Brazilian jazz debut CD, Mania De Você, is a provocative, unwavering testament to love. With renditions of classical compositions by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Djavan, Luiz Gonzaga, Rita Lee, Carlinhos Brown and Baden Powell, the album exudes romance and communicates her attraction to and profound respect for Brazilian music. The intoxicating flute melody, traditional guitar and percussion in “Ela é Carioca” (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Vinicius De Moraes) transcends you to Rio de Janeiro; the unique fusion with “Smile” (Charles Chaplin) gives it a fresh, uplifting tone that Ito views as a natural combination.
Ms. Ito’s passion for Brazilian tradition is evidenced by her all-star band, each accomplished Brazilian and Latin music artists. The band is composed of: Yuko Ito (vocals); Itaiguara Brandão (Bass, Guitar); Oriente Lopez (Fender Rhodes, Flute); Cidinho Teixeira (Piano); Mauricio Zottarelli (Drums); Café, Davi Vieira (Percussion); and Aaron Heick (Alto Saxophone). The album was produced and arranged by Yuko Ito and Itaiguara Brandão, a Rio de Janeiro native.
Mania De Você will warm your heart and leave you smiling. Lured by the infectious rhythms and carefree whimsy evoked in Brazilian music, Ito channels her naturally rebellious rock background into an uplifting, inviting sentiment that only an impassioned songstress can deliver. Ito said: “If I feel down and see the poetic lyrics of Vinicius De Moraes’ in songs such as Berimbau, Agua De beber, I simply want to sing my heart out. There is no anger in these songs; they just make your heart smile.